Where the Stuff Is

Emerging From Stone.

Unfinished, Florence. Like so much, the shape emerges taking form. An idea from Michelangelo, the idea is there, the skill, in a room with the David. To see what can be achieved.

I Turn Up, They Pay Me.

I Turn Up, They Pay Me. Each Day I get up and I go to work,Sometimes I do things to make stuff happen,whatever happens when I turn up,they pay me. Pipe fittings, gate valve and non-return valve on the steam plant. My day job, is to fix things, I like to think that after all…


Clear mountain cold with blue sky ice edging the river.The still and crunchy cold of childhood,wet woollen gloves and the need for a hot bath. I have a need to head to the mountains to find some snow.

Ruins in the Countryside.

Headed out for a short walk with a friend. I’ve been looking at this barn for a while now, wanting to take some pictures. Finally did it. I like the Black and White edit, although I may post some colour for comparison later. Hope you’re all ok out there, let me know how things are…


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On Elider Fawr
On Elider Fawr
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