The Writing Process,

Writing. So here we are, still writing, but consolidated to a single country now. All our homes brought back to one place. Perhaps there will be time to concentrate on the writing? We shall see. As you can tell I am only putting fragments of poetry on my posts now. This is to enable me to send them in for publishing and competitions. Sorry about the way this works, it seems a personal blog is considered being published now.

Here though is something for you to mull over. From Writing 101, Daily Challenge.

I Write Because,

The page is empty,
I need to create gaps
that will hold the words.

The image is clear,
but there is confusion
in the explanation.

Words will have their way,
and will come anyway,
uninvited in the night.

There is a certain light
that is creative in the dark,
picking out the meaning.

I cannot stop the movement
of words without setting them,
fixed on the page.

I want to shout out loud,
but everywhere there
is silence and echoes.

Whats going on as I or you write. Ask questions about my work or leave examples of your own. I will reply to everything. Mostly, I hope. At least more often than not.


15 thoughts on “The Writing Process,

  1. Hi, I did NaPoWriMo too a couple of times, a challenge and a joy! I wanted to thank you for the follow! Please be aware that my blog is a bilingual one. So you may get links to some poems in English as well as to some in Italian… Pictures, on the other hand, have no language barriers 😉
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Or perhaps destructive, as we remove more and more to make each small entity work to the maximum. Impulsive, certainly, when you see or have a flash of a line or idea. It needs to be written.

      Poetry, a story with its arms wrapped around itself, to guard the heart.


    1. I have, and do. Sometimes though just taking it all in is all that can happen. I hope to use material, but still have many ideas, single lines that exist only as potential work. Quantum poetry, it only exists if you actually use it? Strange ideas sometimes link, and work comes from that. I now have a waterproof pad, for writing in the rain while I am out walking, very handy in England.



  2. Felt curious enough to go thru the comments here and something caught my attention. Blog buddy huh?…sounds, uhm, promising 😀

    Thanks for dropping by mine.



  3. What is the difference between a writer of poetry and a writer of prose, if any?

    Are we hardwired differently? There are examples of writers who excel in all areas, but I think we are more generally one or other. I do write short stories, but the process is like pulling teeth. So it is not something I do very often. When I start to write longer pieces I become lost in the trails dtails of description or conversation.

    How do other writers deal with this, or is it just that I am disorganised and need to work more on that area. Maybe I need more commitment to complete a longer piece of work.

    Let me know what you think.



  4. Hello Jim,
    Thank you for posting your kind words and subscribing. I thought you might like random…
    AsI read your words (and enjoyed the mental image):
    “The world is quiet in the woods,
    People pass momentarily,
    Time is in the grip of trees.

    Just a fragment, unfinished as yet.”

    It almost seemed as though that last line could be part of the piece – people passing momentary – fragments of time – just a random act of thinking. Don’t want to put words in you poetry or mouth!

    As I studied poetry, it seemed that many teachers wanted everything written in their way, in their style, in their words and by the time they were done with “corrections” – it no longer had a semblence of what I was saying.
    I’m not an official buddy so are you doing postaweek or postaday? (I’m old and can’t remember everything – LOL!)


  5. Jim? Is that your name? Found your post in the blog buddy list. I am intrigued by your quest journey. My blog is confusing, sems eclectic, but there is mush poetry there. Some Serious, some not. Some Long, some short… If I can encourage, please leave a post.
    Happiness is the journey, not a destination. ~ Buddah
    You reminded me of me – my first blog before blogging arrived –

    Post away!


  6. hi was just looking through your site. I am about to start studying poetry in college, i have never written any before.
    Anyway i found you through the blog buddy request list, you made a new follower! let me know if you are still looking for buddies


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