Woods, Line Drawing.

In The Woods
In The Woods

Picture taken last year on the Mendips, played with in Lightroom and using Luminance HDR. I like the way this has turned out.

Green-wood Diffraction

I see you at this the critical angle,
that slight bending of the light
as it passes around you.

I watch the light embrace your shape,
at the boundary layer light shatters
as it passes through the gap

created by our proximity,
this is where wavelength is a factor.
Interference patterns of light

and dark emerge, spreading
into the space between us.
Highs and lows multiply in the air,

the angles merge, refraction bigger
than the angle of incidence and light
travels on unable to change medium.

All we are left with are circles of light and dark,
rainbow shadows and light pooling in the air.

Spring is on the way, the days are getting longer, green shoots and new life.



Did I say happy new year last time? If not, Happy New Year. That time of looking at endings and beginnings. Resolutions and ambitions, where will I be this time next year, and how far have I come? I am moving away from Facebook and my focus is going to be on writing more, both for my blog and to send submissions for publication, This time next year I will see how that has gone.


First this year, something to be worked on. A tester to try out on you all.


It’s not all like the pictures –
Black and White
or dynamic glorious colour.

Sometimes the colour fades
or the black is less deep
and the white not so pure

and we put aside the truth
for a moment, to remember
just what we want. Those images

we want to keep, that creased
and cherished memory
that seems clearer behind

closed eyes than on some
scrap we hold, copied and
pasted into our timeline.


Watching Out.
Watching Out.

A follow on post from an idea on Josephine Corcoran’s blog a post titled “In the wee small hours, someone’s working“. Awake at the wrong end of the day, apologies for the camera shake, it was a windy morning as the sun came up. Scanned from a negative.

Night Watch.

Watching from the darkness
just outside the light of the street,
when sleep is the order of the moment.

Walking fence lines and back roads,
waiting for something, coffee perhaps
or boardgames and night TV.

Pass time moments between shift change
and happenings, orders and stand-by,
stand down and sleep the day till dusk

and back, on watch, watching for
early wakers and the dawn chorus,
the blue sky before the sun.

As an aside, this is my 300th post. Never thought I’d make it this far, thanks everyone for stopping by over the last few years and reading my rambles. Have fun, it’s life after all.

Coffin Road. National Poetry Day.

East Dart River.
East Dart River.

Today is National Poetry Day so get out and read a poem, this years theme is remember. Give one as a gift, leave a note on the bus or train, tuck one inside a magazine or newspaper waiting to be sold. The Poetry Society Website has lots of ideas and resources if you need some help or want to see if anything is happening near you. For my part, a return to Dartmoor, and the Coffin Road, have a good day and read some poetry.

Rivers and roads
crossing on the Lychway.
The footsteps of mourners
follow the old coffin road
past places that carry their time
in names and forgotten purpose.

They were somewhere once,
parts of a pattern on the land
written in granite and fine
grained tracks now refusing
to fade back into the folds
of the open moor.

Have a good day. Read something out of the ordinary and remember to spread the word.
(I know, sorry) 🙂

Beardown Man. Dartmoor.

Beardown Man.
Beardown Man.

Last weekend I revisited Dartmoor, a wild place with many leftovers from previous settlers. I walked the Lychway, an old coffin road. Where the dead were carried to the church at Lydford. More of the trip at a later date. For now a short piece about the standing stone called the Beardown Man.

Beardown Man.

Eleven feet and more and silent as the grave
and all that stands between the Devil’s Tor
and Conies Down settlement.

Sunrise to sundown and back again
four thousand years and still watching.

High stone marker to some purpose
lost on us now. We pass, like time
and are lost on the old Coffin Road.

A night out on the open moors, time spent inside the stones of a bronze age house. Sunrise and breakfast on the Devil’s Tor with the Beardown Man for quiet company. Hope you find some adventure this week.