I Turn Up, They Pay Me.

I Turn Up, They Pay Me.

Each Day I get up and I go to work,
Sometimes I do things to make stuff happen,
whatever happens when I turn up,
they pay me.

Pipe fittings, gate valve and non-return valve on the steam plant. My day job, is to fix things, I like to think that after all my time I am reasonable at it now.


Ruins in the Countryside.

Headed out for a short walk with a friend. I’ve been looking at this barn for a while now, wanting to take some pictures. Finally did it. I like the Black and White edit, although I may post some colour for comparison later. Hope you’re all ok out there, let me know how things are going in your world. The UK is extra sucky right now.

A Single Image.

One shot from the Bios des Vincennes. A while ago now, but I still keep coming back to this group of images on my PC. I don’t know if it is the form and strength of the angels at each corner, or the classic lines of the whole piece. Either way, I am held by it and the sadness of the face.

A Little Bit of London

Just popping in to see how the world is turning. I thought I’d throw in some images from a recent trip to london. We went there to see a play called The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Based on the book by Neil Gaiman, it was a stunning show, highly recommended. Being run at the Duke of York Theatre.

The trip was a great short break, I also visited the Cartoon Museum, and the display by Magnum photo’s at the Saatchi Gallery called America in Crisis. Both also worth the trip.

I always enjoy a stroll around London. Normally I’d pick an area to explore but this time we spread ourselves around a bit more.

Stay safe out there, things can change so quickly. But remember to enjoy the small things on the way.


Watching the audience, live music in Camden, London. Before lockdown when we enjoyed the proximity of people and music made us closer. Part of a set from my travels as an engineer, spending time away from home on a regular basis. Finding things to see and do in strange places. The camera had to work hard in this setting, but I love the result, digital grain and a softness I love, but with enough detail to keep the sense of what is going on.