A moment on the Road.

It has been well over a year since I started this trip, I’ve made some friends, found out new ways to see the world and enjoyed reading so many diverse pieces of writing it boggles the mind. I had a thin idea of travel and poetry when I started. That is still I think the basic idea I have when writing on here, but it has become a store of pictures as well. Life has got in the way a few times, as has the travelling, though I never set out to be consistent in posting on here – once a week as a minimum, and not more than three. You can get lost in here if you are not careful.

So here I am, still writing. Still travelling, still looking. I’ve left my original notes below, they still count. This is just and added bit to keep the world turning on its axis.

Travelling, Transitions, moving between here and there.  This is where we are, when we are not here or there.  It is the in between and the others who inhabit this space, the others we see only as a snapshot as they pass through our journey while on their own travels.  Who are they and who are we?


21 thoughts on “A moment on the Road.

  1. Thanks for the recent visit to/follow of my blog. It led me here and I’ve enjoyed reading your recent entries, particularly your experimentation with HDR. I look forward to tales of your future adventures!


  2. Hi… I’m not sure this is the right place to post this… but I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog. If you want to pay it forward, then there are a few rules: 1. Pay tribute to the blog than nominated you, 2. Tell us 10 things about yourself, and 3. Tell us about some blogs that you follow! I hope I’m doing this right…. don’t worry, if you don’t participate want to participate though, I enjoy your blog and wanted to share it with others!

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  3. I rather like this–makes it seem like the transitions are part of the adventure, not just something to be endured on the way to “here or there”. I was never one to embrace change–so scary, usually “negative”. However I’ve progressed a bit–I may not always like the process of change, but I’m quite liking the positive results of late!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit and reading the less than cheerful post today–

    And I like the title of your blog–“not yet there”. God bless you today!


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