Is This Lost

Anyone out there? Should I use my time to restart this or go from scratch?

Brecon Snow.
Brecon Snow.

One thought on “Is This Lost

  1. Hey there, Jim – saw your question a few weeks back. Me too, same question – lots of followers still lurking over the blog … but, nothing / no one really current. A blog needs to have current traffic in terms of sensibility and the times, a current audience – an entity that needs to be cultivated, seen and looked after. And, it seems connection or connectivity (in BrenĂ© Brown terms) is the other relevant part.

    So, does a blog have currency in terms of the time or times it serves? Is it something that has duration, and, then does it shift and transition into archive – the black and white of what was and used to be. And, were it archive does it need to transition out of this digital format and find its way onto paper?

    And, do people still choose to read?

    Liking your black and white Brecon photo.

    Take care,


    P.S. Cool to read that you played football in the American sense; I played half-back.


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