Northern Sunset

Drifting towards the horizon.
Drifting towards the horizon.

A week up in the North of England, an evening stroll and a camera. Just a few shots from this set, all the time I have to get them ready. Tomorrow I head home, always a good direction to head in. At the end of this post, as it’s National Poetry Day, I have a short piece for you to read, let me know what you think.

Blue sunset.
Blue sunset.

It is always amazing how much things can change over a few minutes from oranges to blues and deepening into grey and black.

Black and White Sunset.
Black and White Sunset.

For National Poetry Day.

Being Somewhere

Being displaced, different,
I am North, an unknown.
I am a stranger.

Every word is a dislocation,
     an admission,
I am not of here,
of hills and dark walls,
of strange names.

Each night I sleep, wait
     for the sun,
wait for my shadow to fall
behind me. To wait for one day.
     To wake,
       and I am home.


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