Stuff and Nonsense

Crocus in the park
Crocus in the park

Out for a walk, a couple of pictures and some verse. (Not much of a verse granted) I have been picking up some new bits for my camera, some ND Grad filters and a screw fit wide-angle lens. I’ll show the results when I have figured out what exactly I can do with them.

Towards Brean Down.
Towards Brean Down.

Bottled Words. Nonsense to work with. Have fun watching Spring and Winter fight it out for the world.

Ten Green Bottles and the Accidental Death

Ten green bottles hanging on the wall,
Ten green bottles hanging on the wall,
and when one green bottle accidentally falls,
that’s when the others will realise
it’s not all a bed of roses when gravity
comes to call.

And when one green bottle is left all alone,
he’ll cling to the edge, like that last little man
of the apocryphal ten in bed, all rolling over,
rolling over and making space,
to enjoy the fruit of such evil labours.

That one green bottle, whispering threats
till the stone below was rich with the
detritus of glass shards, the ruin of bottle
green life. All for the refund lost
to the march of time.


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