Fragments of Old Notes.

When the sea is as soft as a lovers touch,
its embrace a gentle kiss, a fleeting moment…

November Swim.
November Swim.

The storm has arrived here on the West coast of England, the rain bouncing of the kitchen roof. We shall see how the country fares overnight. It won’t be the snow that hit the USA last week, just rain and wind.

This fragment, line from an old notebook, we’re sorting rooms out after returning from France last year. I have my notebooks out at the moment. An interesting exercise to look back and see the things written, try to remember the moments that produced certain ideas, ways of thinking. Do I recognise myself? Not really, time and tide to continue the metaphor, have moved quite a bit.

Just a short post this evening, pondering on what happens next, how this will continue this year. Plans and hopes, who knows what will come along to confound us with chaos. Just enjoy the ride and keep smiling.


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