New Year on the Mendips.

The view towards Brent Knoll from Crook Peak. The view towards Brent Knoll from Crook Peak.

Happy New Year everyone. That time when we make promises to ourselves, get ready for the new and drop off the ragged overcoat of the old year. I stood in the back garden as usual this year to welcome in 2016, to pause for thought on what has come and gone in 2015, and salute the stars who, as usual where ignoring everything below. It was clear, cold and quiet, the fireworks had finished and people had gone back to doing what they had been doing for the hours leading up to midnight. What will the New Year hold, good or bad? We can only wait now and see how it all turns out. With that in mind, I hope it is a good one for all of you. That your dreams are made reality by your work and commitment and that fate touches you gently.

Mendip Views Mendip Views

For our first outing this year our merry troupe hit the Mendips, starting from Kings Wood, along Wavering Down to Crook Peak. Dropping into the valley for the return before climbing through the woods to the trig point and a little zig-zag back to the car. The weather was good and windy, not too many people about, and reasonable views. A short trip and easy return for lunch at home with family dropping in to say hello. Very nice start to 2016 for me.

There is always time for a coffee. There is always time for a coffee.

Pete, surveying the outlook.
Pete, surveying the outlook.

Mike, waiting for directions. Mike, waiting for directions.

I’ve been working on my own Lyrical Ballad this month, it’s not going well. I think I need to burn the book this is in and try something different.

Fragments – Rainfall

Hard farm life is lost in the scale
that gives us beauty from the land below.

We know the toil is there, we pass it more often
than we admit, and looking away see the sublime
in the rain…

Enjoy the year, embrace the change, live every moment.

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