Christmas Lights.

Christmas Lights

I told you I would be back with something happier. Well here it is, hopelessly cheesy and ready for the season. I hope you all have a great time over Xmas.

Christmas Lights.

There is always time to wait,
for the time to start is not like Christmas Day
or Christmas Eve and fixed in place by calendar
and custom. First there must be the tree, alive,
scented and ready for us to arrive.

A balancing act of seeing and not looking,
just arriving when it is ready to be taken.
A brief moment of circling and standing,
of height and girth, and space.

Space is always important for a Christmas tree,
for the hanging of jewels, of tinsel and lights
because tradition is only built with age.
With the slow growth of time and together,
and the final tradition that is remembered.

No more waiting now, it is here, dressed
in finery better than the night sky,
and the lights are ready, the new treasure
hung from a limb to be seen first
and with the room dark, the star,

the final piece placed above the tree
as tradition and memory call for.
Then the lights are switched on,
with the room naked and alone. With
this tree, everything is ready to begin.

A room, scented with a tree
lit dimly from inside.
Now it is time to start.

Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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