In this time that the world seems to grab so hard, to drag screaming to happiness all of our fellow humans, there are many who struggle. I love the family time we get, there are people missing who I wish could be with me, as a family we are spread across the country, but we are in touch. And the family who are close, we come together to enjoy the company, the food, drink, bad films and good games with no quarter given.

Please Pay Here
Please Pay Here

Today I’m posting a piece of writing, the first for a while that is not a fragment. Considering how much I enjoy this time of year it is not very cheerful, sorry. To all of you out there working hard, keep going, smile in the silence and the noise. The thing about the world is, no matter what we think at times, it’s nothing personal. I’ll be moving on to Christmas Cheer next post. Since it is now December, we can start, and my tree is up and the front room smells of pine.


Always the noise in the silence of lost things,
wind pressure, only felt not seen, and yet
consuming all words.

A noise occupying any space, rushing in
claustrophobic, dark and filled with ideas
shouting doubt.

The momentary words carrying knives,
shallow scars, slow, so slow blood flow.
And sometimes,

sometimes there is true silence and we fall
from the tension released like leaf-fall.
Yes. Sometimes it is silent.


Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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