Writing 101, Catching Up, Day 3 and Day 4


Catching up again with the assignments but feel it would be a bit rushed to throw them all on one post, so I shall do them in two parts till I am up to date.

Oak tree detail.
Oak tree detail.

Day Three – A single word of inspiration “Secret” picked from a cast of several.


How can something so small,
hidden under layers and pressed
diamond like, hardening
to a wooden knot.
Grain swirled,
contorted around a secret,
cupped, smoothed under hand,
touching, but not knowing,
touched smooth,
grain raised to tell an age
with a story.

Day Four

From a selection of images, I have chosen a woodland scene. I’ve also thrown in a picture of my own below.

Trees mingling on the slopes
Trees mingling on the slopes

Woodland Silence.

except for the birds,
the warning calls, chattering wings
and dashing flight.

in the wind in leaves,
among the branches
and crossing the rough ground.

sharpened by the sun and shade,
the morning mist and water
running away somewhere.

with time to take footsteps
and stand and wait
for the rest to catch up.

More tomorrow, take care people.

Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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