I’ve started the WordPress Writing 101 project, and already I’m behind. So here is day two. Day One can be seen on my page here – Day One.

Day Two – Poetry: Incorporate numbers into a poem, or focus your poem on things you like, wish for, or have learned.

So here is Poetry, by the numbers.


One is the truth, no lower, no higher.
Two is in balance, waiting, Seeking calm.
Three is the choice, the answer in waiting.
Four is one extra, one out in the cold.
Five stand strong, taller than most, far-seeing.
Six brings knowledge, not what we want, but what is there.
Seven walks close, whispering with envy and sharp edges.
Eight will always weep with the pain of the lost.
Nine, a wanderer over the land, high places and snow lines.
Ten is more, but less than we should know.
Eleven on one side, just as many as we need.
Twelve times we counted, and still wanted more.
Thirteen the number of the feast, how bad can it be?
Fourteen lines that make the square to end the count.

I’ll try to catch up with the prompts now, or at least see how many I can use. All the bright lights in the sky this week, Bonfires and Fireworks and lots of noise. Take care and keep looking up.

Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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