Lost Somewhere Between Here and There.

Blood Moon
Blood Moon

I’ve just looked at the calendar, bad move. This year has been a year and a half, crammed into six months, and it’s only October. Look what happens when you get busy doing changes, in life and home. When we look back through our diary for the year we will wonder how it all happened, we are still here and that counts for a lot.

Looking out from Snowdon.
Looking out from Snowdon.

I’ve climbed mountains, moved countries, knocked down walls, and rebuilt some stuff too. Writing hasn’t been easy, my blog has been thin on the ground although I have written some poetry along the way. And where next, who knows, probably a little early to start looking at the year over my shoulder so I’ll just smile and walk ahead, enjoying the changing colour of the leaves on the trees and possibility of snow in the mountains.

On the road.
On the road.

I’m trying to decide on two poems to send to the National Poetry Competition, I can’t put them up on here as that would constitute publication. So I’ll sit and seek the ideal that someone else is looking for all on my own. In the meantime, as I have been doing recently, fragments to ponder.

Unfinished Business

… I think there was purpose,
yet it became vague

And left an ill feeling on the page.
I am not sure but this may be
my fault…


Self Portrait
Self Portrait


White Noise.

… the white dot of closedown
is missing, no longer disappearing
with a hiss and a dip into blackness.

I watched the Moon turn red earlier in September, the world, the Sun and the Moon continuing to dance in space for our delight. So much to enjoy and all the time in the world to find it. Be interested in everything, find out how it works and always ask questions.


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