Doodling With Words

Pastoral Scene III
Pastoral Scene III

Hello everyone, just trying to get back and post here again. Sorry it’s been a bit sparse recently, life is like that sometimes. I have been writing, and taking pictures and learning more about the uses of Lightroom. I went back and reset it all, and have sorted out the catalogue.


So many changes from when I first picked up a camera, post production now is incredible and learning when to stop is getting to be a big thing for me, I love playing with the picture balances, I still though remember working in the darkroom at school watching a photo develop as the fluid washes over it. Now with the laptop on the table and the ability to reverse changes I wonder if the glamour has been taken away.

Some Writing, there is a new arts venue near us in Cheddar. Cafe Sketch I was there on Wednesday for the first poetry evening with a featured poet Melanie Branton reading some of her work. She’s only just started her blog so give her some time to get it set up. It was a good night and hopefully the first of many.


From ‘Kindling’

Inside the dead tree is dry wood,
ready wood waiting.
Patience and a spark.

From ‘History’

Voices outside the window,
late at night, in the clear air
after the rain.

Sounds in the dark fading away.

I will be trying to keep posting but will make no promises, I want to keep writing and taking pictures as a priority and must still get work done too. Hope you are all having a good summer, making hay and all that. Never worry though, seasons change and the world is relentless in that. It makes it interesting.

One thought on “Doodling With Words

  1. Thanks for letting us know about Cafe Sketch. It’s great to know of somewhere like this fairly local, that doesn’t require a long drive in to either a city of town. I’ll be looking out for their courses when they’re available. 🙂


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