Sea Visits and Windswept Weekends.

Barricane Beach
Barricane Beach

We live by the sea, the tides, the prom, all the Victorian architecture that defines our town. Wide sands and views to the horizon and sunsets looking towards Wales and Brecon over the Severn Estuary. It may seem strange then to head away to Woolacombe to visit the sea. But the drawback for Weston is its position at the head of the Severn estuary, where the river drops sediment as it turns to the Atlantic. While we have a big open beach we also have mud flats and a massive tidal range, not so good for the swimming life.

This is where Woolacombe comes into its own. The sea, a surfers paradise on the coast of Devon. Didn’t stop it being bloody freezing, just above death by hypothermia, just the temperature my wife loves. We were the only people in the sea in bare flesh, I went in, stayed for long enough for my limbs to stop moving, then I left to stand in the sun, my wife stayed longer, she loved it.

Sea Views
Sea Views

The weather was good, the sun shone but the wind was vigorous, in sheltered spots it was almost Mediterranean. We enjoyed the time and had a pleasant drive back along the coast road. Names and places like Lynton and Lynmouth, Porlock, North of the Exmoor National Park and Dunkery Beacon. Drift past the Quantocks, past Coleridge’s stamping ground and home for tea. Very nice drive, I’d recommend it to anyone in the area.

The Sands
The Sands


What am I working on now, Integration and Conflagration.

Ideas and follow-ups, my idea for a topic so I should try to be creative.

All indications need to prove we are searching
for a peace that can only be protected by increased potential

harm, damage and multi-faceted surveillance to include
digital, physical, and inter-community.

2 Minutes Silence

Family histories linger and lines drawn
around people on a map do not close the circle.

People are fluids,
liquids flowing.
Mixing or not.

Have a swim soon, go out and walk in the woods, enjoy the long days and smell of summer.


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