Halos and Clouds

Sun Halo on Crook Peak
Sun Halo on Crook Peak

I went out on Crook Peak Saturday, I’d been late to meet with others at Cheddar. (Sorry Guys) It turned out OK though, a solitary striding walk helped clear my head, and seeing this halo around the sun on my way back to the car lifted my spirits.

I’ve got a few ideas lined up ready for posts, but as with everything, life and time gang up to change our plans. Trips abroad, visitors, building work, we all have these moments. Getting out into the open spaces always helps me and brings perspective to it all. Look to all that is good.

On the same day, I took this image of the view towards Cheddar, low clouds, wind, and clear air. The tapestry of fields running away across the levels. I come back to this place time after time and every trip up here is different, each outlook, the birds taking umbrage at my passing to close to hidden nests, the odd rabbit here and there, and a view out to sea all the way to Wales and Brecon on a good day.

Towards Cheddar, warm sun and wind.
Towards Cheddar, warm sun and wind.

I’m going back to basics and learning Lightroom from the beginning, to get away from the bad habits I have formed by just leaping into the middle and pressing buttons to see how it reacts. (I’m an engineer, what can I say.) I need to start cataloguing my pictures, and I need help, I’ve started scanning negatives as well so the disk space is cluttering fast.

Brecon Snow.
Brecon Snow.

This time I’m looking at why and where as well as how it can be used. Knowing how things are it will probably not end as it begins. This quote from the Your Messages blog in 2007 says a lot about how it could end.

I am the Anti-list, chaos incarnate, fear me. I will come to you in the night and disorder your life. Those best laid plans of mice and men, are mine. Put your list out of sight for only a second and I will appropriate it, and only relinquish it back to you when it is too late to do anything about the most important thing on your list.

Do not think for a minute there is the possibility of order in your life, I am the butterfly on the far side of the world, setting in motion a chain of events so tortuous you will not plan for the consequences. There is only me and fate to control your destiny. Faith and prior planning will not avail you anything.

I will wake you in the night, with a forgotten list, with that one thing you must not forget, the date not in your diary. A single obscured digit in the phone number to save your world. Do not take me lightly, I will reduce your itemised shopping list to dust, lost in the sands of time. The wedding planner despairs when my cold hand rests on their shoulder. That one simple thing you went into the shop for, the one you forgot when you saw the glossy magazine, it is all in my domain and I am a demon of details.

My list is not of order but of random acts. Murphy knew me personally, he just didn’t know my name, how could he? I am everyone and no one, the lost pen, the unwashed shirt and the washed out address in your shirt pocket. Everyone is prey to my whims and I know no mercy. I have toyed with kings and queens, magi and masters. Be Afraid.

Your Messages

I wrote this piece so It’s not stolen, on other topics, we had a good time at the Poetry CafĂ© last month, the subject of Escape brought forth some good work, and was followed by a wide-ranging discussion around poetry. Very interesting to hear Peoples ideas, the where and why-fore of somebody and their words. I seem to be de-facto in control at the moment, worryingly(?) sending team emails and the like, I’m running at maybe a C- for organisation at the moment I think.

Fragments. Next month we are working on Integration and Conflagration, my own topic so I can’t complain.

News Report –
Momentary words carrying knives,
an idea cut apart and drawn across
the space between us.

From here, we can see how civilisation infiltrates
how fingers reach out and landscape changes with time
sometimes so slow as to fool the eye into believing

nothing happened

and a spark, nurtured in a calm quiet place.
twigs, dry tinder in a lattice, and patience,
don’t feel the rush.

Let the flame grow, your task is the spark,
the branches will catch when the heat rises,
so slow, let the flame work through.

Let the heat build, add more wood to the pyre,
soon it will be strong enough to burn bone,
all we need is a spark and a patient man.

Must be time for a BBQ soon, the Met Office declared summer this morning, so shorts and t-shirts, beach life and sunshine all round. Have Fun whatever the weather.


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