Woods, Line Drawing.

In The Woods
In The Woods

Picture taken last year on the Mendips, played with in Lightroom and using Luminance HDR. I like the way this has turned out.

Green-wood Diffraction

I see you at this the critical angle,
that slight bending of the light
as it passes around you.

I watch the light embrace your shape,
at the boundary layer light shatters
as it passes through the gap

created by our proximity,
this is where wavelength is a factor.
Interference patterns of light

and dark emerge, spreading
into the space between us.
Highs and lows multiply in the air,

the angles merge, refraction bigger
than the angle of incidence and light
travels on unable to change medium.

All we are left with are circles of light and dark,
rainbow shadows and light pooling in the air.

Spring is on the way, the days are getting longer, green shoots and new life.


2 thoughts on “Woods, Line Drawing.

  1. Hey there, Jim:

    Your image here is almost a storybook etching, something that with disbelief suspended, I should be able to step right into. There’s intricacy here in the shapes, lines, light, and shadow, in the greys, whites and blacks. There are places to go from this image’s starting point – a photo that engages the viewer. Good!


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