Did I say happy new year last time? If not, Happy New Year. That time of looking at endings and beginnings. Resolutions and ambitions, where will I be this time next year, and how far have I come? I am moving away from Facebook and my focus is going to be on writing more, both for my blog and to send submissions for publication, This time next year I will see how that has gone.


First this year, something to be worked on. A tester to try out on you all.


It’s not all like the pictures –
Black and White
or dynamic glorious colour.

Sometimes the colour fades
or the black is less deep
and the white not so pure

and we put aside the truth
for a moment, to remember
just what we want. Those images

we want to keep, that creased
and cherished memory
that seems clearer behind

closed eyes than on some
scrap we hold, copied and
pasted into our timeline.

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