Coffin Road. National Poetry Day.

East Dart River.
East Dart River.

Today is National Poetry Day so get out and read a poem, this years theme is remember. Give one as a gift, leave a note on the bus or train, tuck one inside a magazine or newspaper waiting to be sold. The Poetry Society Website has lots of ideas and resources if you need some help or want to see if anything is happening near you. For my part, a return to Dartmoor, and the Coffin Road, have a good day and read some poetry.

Rivers and roads
crossing on the Lychway.
The footsteps of mourners
follow the old coffin road
past places that carry their time
in names and forgotten purpose.

They were somewhere once,
parts of a pattern on the land
written in granite and fine
grained tracks now refusing
to fade back into the folds
of the open moor.

Have a good day. Read something out of the ordinary and remember to spread the word.
(I know, sorry) 🙂


Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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