Beardown Man. Dartmoor.

Beardown Man.
Beardown Man.

Last weekend I revisited Dartmoor, a wild place with many leftovers from previous settlers. I walked the Lychway, an old coffin road. Where the dead were carried to the church at Lydford. More of the trip at a later date. For now a short piece about the standing stone called the Beardown Man.

Beardown Man.

Eleven feet and more and silent as the grave
and all that stands between the Devil’s Tor
and Conies Down settlement.

Sunrise to sundown and back again
four thousand years and still watching.

High stone marker to some purpose
lost on us now. We pass, like time
and are lost on the old Coffin Road.

A night out on the open moors, time spent inside the stones of a bronze age house. Sunrise and breakfast on the Devil’s Tor with the Beardown Man for quiet company. Hope you find some adventure this week.

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