An Easy Time Evening.


Remembering how it is, when you visit friends or they visit us. Sitting out in the garden on a summer evening, and there is just some moments that stay forever. This is for all the good times shared with all of you. I’m catching up on some notes, but have finished my notebook on this trip so I need to find another. Just a small Moleskine to use for now.

An Easy Time Evening.

when the sun has gone but the warmth remains,
when the coffee comes and the stars turn,
and silence and words tell the same story.

The night-time animals take over
the wildlife noises, and the moon hints
at being around for a while,

clear sky lifts the spirits and we all
look up and away from real life
to dwell somewhere in our thoughts.

The words come, and we break away
back to our world, smiling and laughing
quietly as we climb into cars,

waving away the evening
the silence of the sky and the stars,
the moon and the moment.

It’s very hot here at the moment, so I’ve been out early to clear some land. Now we are hiding from the oven like heat and drinking iced water to help cope. Still travelling but having fun, although we head back soon to the real world.

4 thoughts on “An Easy Time Evening.

  1. ‘Waving away the evening’ – all that it has been, a manna of sorts for the soul, the ‘easy’ within time’s trajectory, the freshness of evening’s and the mind’s twilight before home and before bed.


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