A Return To The Web

NaPoWriMo Day One revisited

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After the longest Break since starting my blog, I’m back, ready to write and revise and generally get back at it. Completing NaPoWriMo for the second time took a chunk of time, and I took the chance to spend some time in the real world. We have lots going on this year, some new travels and plenty of visitors down here by the seaside, so I will have fodder for more writing and pictures in the future. I thought I would start this new period with some revisions from April, the good thing about April is the supply of work I have to use for the next few months.

Night Driving
Night Driving

Driving in the Dark.

Headlights across dark roads, exploding through gateways,
past dark watered lakes returning star-light skyward.

Corsham, Blagdon, Ubley, Banwell.

markers of humanity strung along the road, villages that pass in the night.
Houses strung like fairy lights, the speed of passing blending them
into the simplest idea of a place. The glow of a junction,
the confluence of traffic and tracks, waiting the turn of the lights
and not long before the door closes on night.

Full Moon
Full Moon

The May full moon, and so the world turns, and everything begins again. Summer is here, get out there and enjoy it all.

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