Calella. National Poetry Writing Month Day 19.

Morning Beach Life.
Morning Beach Life.

Holiday life, fascinating to watch, great fun to be in. Sometimes though it’s nice to be able to drive away from the frenetic side of it. We visited Calella near Barcelona in 2012 on a trip down the coast and I was struck by the complete difference between the morning easy way of life, relaxed and quiet, with the afternoon attack by multiple tourists looking for noise, food and something to drink. All the while seeing who is about, watching, wanting something to happen. An interesting interlude and good to dip in and out of but not a way for me to live a life.


Beer bars and TV’s and do you want chips with that,
all set against deep Mediterranean sea and sand.
Flip-flops and high heels short skirts and night life
all day and all night, walking to be seen. Sitting to watch.
the pickers and choosers and the wanting or needing
all waiting for the right one to happen along.

The hotel is cheap and the sleep is noisy and we leave
in the morning driving into Spain, away from the people
all living for a two-week dream in the sun on the beach.
We leave the silent morning streets to the Spaniards
with coffee in the shade of the tree-lined streets,
leave them in peace to wait for the start of another day.


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