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The Lodge, School in London.

The Lodge, School in London.

Ever get taken by a song you hear, something that drags you back to a place a time, brings a person back to life that you haven’t thought of for years? With my playlist on shuffle and years of music rattling along as I work I heard a track that took me back to South London and Sunday afternoon listening to the Top 40 on Radio 1.

Passing Stranger

They can still see him singing on the corner,
singing songs that never fade away,
fade into the kids that come along.

Angels on the Balcony – Blondie.

People and songs, the things that stay with us
long after the moment we meet,
after the last chord has faded and the names
are only remembered in photographs.

Faces blend into the time they occupy
along with the song we heard
that brings us back to when it was
imprinted on something happening.

Pieces of it all we have taken with us
that jump in the track we all have,
deja then, a picture so clear we can smell
the scent of them and see the shadows of the day.