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Valley Green.

Valley Green.

The Tracks and paths of the land, high and low. Walking along rivers or deep in valleys masks the world, soften light and sound to lend a surreal air to the landscape, and walking alone lets you take in what is around you.


On the clearway you will always find sunshine,
to warm you by the river.

Walking will bring you closer to the landscape
in much the same way as talking to strangers.
Lightness of touch is the mark of the craftsman.

In the mountains, the valleys hold a course
but trick your path to take you from a lover
if you are not careful at the crossroads.

Footprints show you somebody else’s plans,
and lead you from your own. When the sun is high
the green leaves will hide you though you may want
to be found. Let them fall when they want, never to soon.

Winter will find you from time to time.
You must search for summer.
Spring and Autumn will keep you company.
Know where you have been.