A Journey By Road. National Poetry Writing Month Day 6.

A Road in a mountain tunnel

Where are you going, long roads stretching away, choices come at alarming rates and time to stop, to recharge and let the noise, the vibration ebb from your conscious is always a good thing.

A Journey by Road.

Take each silence as we travel,
a mountain of words vanishing,
a hard time.
A breeze.
Trees to be walked under.
The long summer horizon.

All have echoes, half because we both see them,
and that joins us, and separately, we pass them
to be somewhere without the strain
of time, sky, or the edge of where we are.

We sit at the side of the road,
coffee, music, the sun in the sky
and the noise of the road.

The shadows traveling,
stretched summer syllables
looking for the wind
and somewhere to rest.

Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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