Driving in the Dark. National Poetry Writing Month Day 1.

The Mendips and Area.
The Mendips and Area.

Day One, a trip home on the lanes between here and Bath. Tired, relaxed we chat and plan, drift in our thoughts and in and out of conversation. Home and we spill in to the light of home, food, coffee and bed. Life is travel, we go from one place to another, and we travel with someone if we are lucky.

Driving in the Dark.

Headlights rising and falling across the dark roads,
blossoming between the hedgerows and exploding
through gateways. A journey home in the night.

Glimpses of the dark watered lakes, pushing the star-light
back skyward. Corsham, Blagdon, Ubley, Banwell.
All markers to pass, silent slips of humanity
strung along the road, Villages that pass in the night.

Quiet talk even though we are the only two in the cab,
family, plans and small details pass with the roads turns
and every once in a while we are illuminated, etched white
in the oncoming beam as someone else passes this place.

They head on to the road we traveled and I use the catseyes
to keep true to the black line. Houses strung like fairy lights
glimpsed in passing. The speed of passing blending them
into the simplest idea of something.

We stop in the glow of a junction, full of the confluence
of traffic and tracks, waiting our turn with the lights.
Close now, not long and we close the door on night.


2 thoughts on “Driving in the Dark. National Poetry Writing Month Day 1.

  1. nice.. I really like the fact you give real detail and meaning to the act of travel itself, as well as the start and end points. Great blog, I live in Blagdon strangely enough, working and travelling through Iceland at the moment, so this particular post was a lovely reminder of home…thankyou!


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