An Expectation Unfulfilled.

Writing and Traveling, March has arrived and the year is swinging into action. Spring begins on the 20th of this month so I hope we get a change in the weather soon. Most of Somerset is under water at the moment. Today’s picture is sunset on the road to Caen in Northern France, somewhere near Tours.

Sunset wind turbines.
Sunset wind turbines.

February is always over so quickly, you don’t get the chance to blink. We’ve been preparing the French house for sale and now it is time to sort pictures and set up some advertising. For the moment, tomorrow is time for the Poetry CafĂ©, hosted at the Royal Hotel, this months theme is absence. The turnout was good in February and the quality of reading high. Lets see how we get on, the evening starts at 7:30pm in the Royal Hotel, Weston-super-Mare.


It was always more of an expectation until after.
Then it became absence, a gap in the potential
that delivers a full stop or change of paragraph
each time it is passed over.

It never was photos, letters or memories of touch
that were lost through time to become an idea of what was.
It is always a lack, missing knowledge of everything never achieved.

It will always be the white edges of the picture,
not even a ghost, because a ghost has the edge of substance
and this is simply the space that never became.


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