Rivers Running to the Sea.

Now the decorations are down, the space once filled by the tree has been reclaimed by a chair, and all the boxes have returned to the loft, the house is ready to welcome the year with anticipation. We are already finding things to fill the diary, visits from friends, trips and jobs that need time planned and preparation. It’s good to find the year ready to be used like this, I like the newness, the open tracks and choices all waiting in line ready to add to the journey.

Bright Waterfall
Bright Waterfall

This year I want to carry on writing where 2013 left. Producing poetry and prose on a regular schedule, maybe doing the National Poetry Writing Month again. I enjoyed the challenge and some of the work has seen the light of day at readings, while other work has been entered in competitions. I try not to make resolutions, and to copy other years, I want to feel we are going forward. Getting out into the world, friends, family and the outside all need to feature this year.

So here is my first piece for the year, a piece in transition. With echoes of the waterfall walk, the changing year and the choices as footpaths for the future, and certainly as place we accept we will never visit. Only a couple of editing days for this one before it gets aired at the poetry cafe on Thursday. Lets see how it goes, whether it survives to the end of the month or not.

A River.

A river running over a waterfall
makes a noise that we cannot talk over,
wrapped as we are for rain and apocalypse.

The fullness of sound, of water in the air
hanging off the lichen and moss. Filling the river
to overflowing. Dragging the world

into another year with strength of will.
Nothing personal except time moves on
and we can’t wait for the ringing of bells.

Tracks, footprints, flowing water, falling water,
the rain is only a background to the real rush,
headlong to the sea. Rush headlong to the choice.

Paths branching, flowing away, returning darker maybe
or in sunlight. Choices leading the twisted roots of trees
to broach the earth, whale like shapes frozen in the act

of reaching out, searching for something in the future
or something lost to the paths that we didn’t take
when we had the chance. Before the river
and the noise overtook us in the woods.

Stay safe on the road this month, the weather is being effusive at the start of this year.

4 thoughts on “Rivers Running to the Sea.

  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


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