The New Year Crossover

We are now in the last days of 2013, that no-mans land of time between Christmas and New Years Eve. There is still the food, and probably drink lurking all around. This years midweek combination has disrupted the holiday patterns, no long weekend, just odd days. Do you go in for a day, loaf around? Or have you been taking the time, and stretching the break to the limits.

Looking on and looking back, a time to reflect about both years, about family, friends and journeys, and all rolling up to the crossover point at midnight when I will raise a glass to the old and welcome in the new. Work in progress for New Year, still work to be done but there is time yet.

River Avon at Stratford
River Avon at Stratford in Afternoon Sun

The River Avon, flowing to the Severn, not the same Avon I know from Bristol, but another of the large rivers of England. Flowing out through the Bristol Channel, tides and time running on, returning as rain, cycles like years and the turning world.

The End Of The Year.

Remember the times and reflect on knowing them,
no matter how short, how brief the knowledge.

The scent of a memory, of the roads, rivers and the words.
The cardinal points, the wind and the mountain.

New tracks and old friends, footprints to follow,

Shaded Tree.
Shaded Tree.

A small start that needs to be finished, the notes are longer but so disordered I need to make sense of the direction before I put them on here. In January it should be ready, as we begin another journey around the sun. I hope to post again as the year turns, we’ll see how that goes, if not. Happy New Year, I hope it holds all you would want.


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