A Trip To Stratford

Just back from a trip to the fine town of Stratford-upon-Avon, well known of course for being the home of The Bard. For us it was a catch up with family, Christmas shopping and a break for a little bit of sightseeing. I have done the bookend on Shakespeare, seen his birthplace and his grave. Apposite as we come towards the end of the year, and travelling to Stratford at this time was a much quieter affair than during the summer.

Shakespeare's resting place
Shakespeare’s resting place

The pleasure of any trip is in the new sights, the details we take away with us, travelling through the English countryside as the landscape changes so slowly you almost don’t notice it. A lot like the passing year, gone before you know it, and if we are not careful, a lifetime passes.

Church window light
Church window light

I’m getting some work ready for the New Year, something for my next post after Christmas. So this is a Merry Christmas post to everyone, see you on boxing day, after the food, the presents and the family traditions. For me it’s pork pie and pickle for breakfast, with a dry martini. Gift giving, and a relaxing, comfy clothes day, then relaxing with music and films.


I hope everyone has a wonderful time over the next few days, enjoy it whatever way you lean. Make sure, whatever you do over Christmas, Take some time with family, friends or just for yourself. Unplug, relax and be slow, at least for the day. Don’t get dragged into the hype…


…slow is good for more than you might think.


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