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Today is the third anniversary of Not Yet Here. Looking back it took nearly two months to get a comment, longer for a like. In November and December 2010 I had 12 visitors.

This past year I’ve beaten my visitor numbers for previous years, I’ve gone over 10,000 visits, and even completed the National Poetry Writing Month in April by posting a new poem every day for all 30 days. Statistics aside, I’ve been writing consistently, getting back into photography and enjoying reading blogs from all over the world. Travel, poetry, photography, stories and essays, I’ve found so many different things to read.

Without the final ingredient though, all would be wasted. And that is all of you who have visited, stayed a while, said hello and followed my blog. Thank you all for stopping by, I appreciate it and welcome the visits and comments.

Thanks for another year of blogging, I hope to keep hearing from you all…

The Track Ahead

A Marker For The Track Ahead

…to see you on the hills, and as always I hope you enjoy each step on the road.
The journey continues.