Change. Free Write Friday.

It’s Free Write Friday again. This weeks Prompt is about circles.

Circle of Life: Death & Rebirth

It’s fall and I watch the leaves change into beautiful colors then trickle down from the trees, skip across the road and fade away, soon to be tucked in beneath a sheet of white. Their passing, even in all its beauty, still leaves me a bit mournful this time of year. It’s both lovely and gloomy at the same time. I begin to ponder the circle of life and try to make sense of it all. The changing of the seasons has always been a wonderful metaphor of life and death for me and in some ways, it eases my fear. It springs up hope for what comes next, with a hint that there has to be something more, something after, that the end, is not really the end. It goes on.

I’d like you to consider the changing seasons and circle of life as your prompt this week. I am really looking forward to reading your thoughts. Should make for some great discussions so be sure to read each others work.

Snow on the hills.
Snow on the hills.

Autumn fades in to Winter.
Those colours we marvelled at
gone to black and white,
to crisp frost and hoar.

A waiting quiet for the storm.
Noisy windswept winter.
The hardness of snow falling
littering the ground with white.

And yet the days will lengthen
again to show everything
has continued while we hid
inside, scared for our cold skin.

7 thoughts on “Change. Free Write Friday.

  1. That’s what it looks like here now. It might even stay.

    It’s true how the changing of seasons is both beautiful and difficult. I guess each change makes us appreciate the other seasons. If only winter was just a little shorter…
    Love your words and metaphor, Jim.


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