Free Write Friday.

Kellie Elmores Free Write Friday continues today with a guest post from Kelley Rose. So here is my contribution this week.

Each choice, a crossroads
limits and opens direction,
one way or the other.

Each growing layer of a journey
can gain a stone, like a pearl
hidden inside our skin

showing only when, 
the princess sleeps on the mattress
that hides the pea, beneath

a mountainous bed.
Pearls, scar tissue, choices
and time.

Happenings build to be
the people we are at any time
and at any time, we carry our past.


8 thoughts on “Free Write Friday.

  1. Hello, hello …

    ‘Carry our past,’ usually a concept of baggage – John O’Donohue joins your conceptualization referring nautically to this as our ballast, something with gravitational pull that orients us in the journey we can make. Imagine discarding ballast, an act that lightens us buoyantly … but perhaps when too light among Life’s waves causes us to list rather than move forward well. Likely, we need our baggage, our past, as ballast to allow us to orient to our journey (journies) forward. There are also concepts of momentum and trajectory that are influenced, here.

    … on a rabbit trail, I suppose.

    Take care … πŸ˜‰


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