Dark Wood in October.

Halloween, when we remember the dead, the saints and the martyrs. Not sure where pumpkins come into this list.

Halloween pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins

Angels in the Dark Wood

Four stone angels in the middle of a dark wood,
pressed down by the stone slab they support,
looking away, outwards through the trees.

They are dedicated to agony, somebody else’s agony.
It shows on their faces, in the stretched sinews
the bunched muscles and in the shadows of the stone.

Shouldering the burden of loss and the memories
with nowhere to go.  Cold skin, stone cold hands, 
the crying when there is silence in the night.

In the woods the wind changes, the trees
move in the October winds and the sound
is the wind in the empty branches.

Remember someone close, and smile with a happy memory of them.


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