Seasons Changing.

With the wild storm we have just had in the South and the clocks going back, it is time to admit that the season is again changing and Autumn will roll on into winter. The picture is a contrast to the writing but has a sense of the changing weather I think.

Overhanging Clouds
Overhanging Clouds

Two old trees in the park.

Each summer we walk into the pool of chilled air
beneath the two old trees to look through the leaves
at the shaded blue of the sky. 

The limbs stretching out so far they hide us,
we could stay a while, but places grow old.

When we aren't looking the tree drops leaves
of different shades creating a circle on the ground.

It was what we always waited for.
Each year, the tree grew, the leaves fell
and we walked holding hands.

Enjoy Autumn, Halloween and Bonfire night to come.


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