Cross Country.

I have been following the map again.

The Mendips and Area.
The Mendips and Area.

The title, cross country, refers to my country, the space around me and where I can pick and choose landmarks to walk to. Where, although I know the countryside well, I still choose to take a map and see the old landscape overlaying the new.

Cross Country

I have a place to be,
far from here over contours by
Callow Drove, Fry's Hill.
Cross Lane and Axbridge. 

I went alone and with others once,
with strangers to Wavering Down and Kings Wood,
following the path weaving across the map,
itself folded and pressed.

Reaching out to places I can reach
across the span of my hand, 
thumb to outstretched fingertip.
stretching along Cross Moor Drove
and crossing Bow Bridge.
On along the old Cheddar Yeo, 
passing by Crab Hole. 

There is more here than climbing Crook Peak, 
above Dunnet Farm, from here
you can look over Broad Knoll and Church Knoll,
walk above Yew Tree Cliff
and on past Fore Cliff and Cross Plain.

To cross the boundary of sorts,
at the end, where the page finishes
and we turn back before nightfall
to a warm return and home,
a place on the map we know exists.

Happy travels, and remember to always consult a map of your journey. Before, during and after, it will illuminate the landscape around you as go.

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