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I am up to version seven of a piece of work for a competition that closes on the 30th October. It’s close, but not there. I doesn’t look right on the page and the ending is weak. The second is the poorer of the two entries I have, but is more polished. It came together quicker from another poem I have had in my drawer for years, yet when I found the solution to its problems it slipped gently on to the page and stayed there barring a few minor changes. I wish I had the time to leave the other alone for a while. The problem for many writers is I think, getting good clear feedback or criticism about work in progress, we rely on friends or family, not the most objective of readers. Although my wife can be brutal and honest, we also know our artistic differences can have an impact on the feedback.

Coffee and Words, adding layers.

Coffee and Words, adding layers.

So, although my blog has been quiet except for a few pictures, there is some writing going on in the background. Including work inspired by other bloggers, Draw and Shoot used the line “adding a layer of recollection” on her picture post here. It has stuck in my head and I’m working on it in the background.

Adding a layer of recollection

A photo remnant of the sunset.
We add to time, 
to the travels, to the journey,

to the layers of recollection.

There lots of layers I want to add here, my notes have wandered wild and wide around memories, walking, friends and times with my wife. This has just started on its journey to becoming a piece of writing, perhaps there will be a version for the Poetry Cafe in November.

For now, a couple of questions for you to ponder,
How do you revise your work, what works for you?

What kind of feedback helps, deconstruction, revision, idea storming, or just time and trials?

The weather here is unseasonably warm, the sun is still shining (mostly) and we are settling in for a new arrival, and to help family move house. I knew I shouldn’t have bought a van! Enjoy the slow drift to autumn and winter, watch as the we change seasons.