Food III. The Real World

The last one in this series. I feel the ending needs some work but it is a good place to start from.


The Real World.

Eden, what could we do, we ate everything, 
that was the real reason it all changed.
The apple was just the last straw.

After the figs, the oranges, melons and lemons.
All that fresh and tender flesh. With nothing to do all day
except the berries, the fruit of his work, given to us.

We ate everything, as we sat, we gorged, juice and pips and
twig and branch. We were a plague of locust
on a ravenous march through orchards of plenty.

We didn't know they needed love.  Care, work and abstinence,
to leave enough for a future of suitable proportions.
So the apple was not exempt, not specifically off-limits,

it was just the last the final fresh morsel.  Round,
flushed red, crisp green.  A bite and our mouths,
they ran with the taste, and then - Eden was bare.

It wasn't really the eating of the apple,
and we made up the snake bit, feeling a bit guilty,
no one threw us down, after telling us not to eat
of the tree of knowledge. We had to start over.

Working finally, and sin? No, just hunger, lingering
over Eden’s empty orchards. Maybe next time we get close, 
we'll remember and step back from that last bite of the apple.


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