Gone, a fast, food idea.

Next month is the Weston-super-Food Festival running from 14th – 29th September you can get an idea for a visit to the seaside, with a side order of good food. As part of the two-week celebration Weston Art Gallery is hosting a food themed poetry night on the 19th September. I’ve started to work on a few pieces. First here, let me know what you think.


I walked into the kitchen
and it was only a space.
A round, rosy-cheeked,
green hole.

An apple absence
that made my mind reel.
Plans collapsed in my mind.
Lunchtime dreams evaporated

like the missing apple.
I would sit at lunchtime
without the flavour planned.
Instead, maybe a Caramac

or Mars, probably a half empty
bag of vending machine crisps.
Shattered by the fall to the hopper.
I closed my eyes, full of green envy.

She would be sitting on the bus,
a crisp, shapely apple nestled in her bag.
I see her smile, slow closed eye smile.
An apple in hand smile of lunchbox victory.

I pictured her at her desk, testing the flesh
with her teeth, waiting for the moment when,
with a crack the skin gives, white juice
running across her tongue.

The scent rising to her nose, all parts of her
experiencing the sensory transport of apple
to her mind as she tears away the chunk.
I feel the muscles of my cheeks stiffen,

memories of other apples, and without realising
I am standing, eyes closed, mouth-watering,
anticipating the unrequited apple, swaying
gently in the kitchen of the empty house.

Swaying, the day running away without
thought for who is left behind, her scent
already leaving, alone in this moment,
Eyes open, tear-wet, mouth dry, so silent.

Remember – an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.


Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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