Your Poem.

Punctuation, seems to be optional at the moment. Ideas, opinions, tell me why.

I'm reading your poem
the one that you say is personal
that only you and I can understand
the one you wrote without stops
or punctuation because it seems
to be all over the net 

yet how can I tell you
where I think this passage starts
and the story begins

after the epilogue
where you explain how before
you never understood

I was talking about love
even in translation when the sun went down
and we walked and we spoke a new language
without pauses where our words rolled with the sea
on the beach where the bonfire reached to the moon 

as the crowd danced forever and some 
even swam naked 
cold blue skin in the light
from the first full moon of summer

we watched not knowing if we had been invited 
to such a personal celebration while we 
celebrated intimacy with words neither of us
understood would be the end of us

(Interestingly, proofreading this with WordPress produces no writing errors and neither does OpenOffice.)

We sat watching a thunderstorm develop earlier, after a very hot day. Pictures to follow soon. Keep watching where you are, it’s important to know.


5 thoughts on “Your Poem.

    1. Strange how fashions change, I’ve been looking at the poetry on WordPress for a while now. I still struggle with some of the writers who don’t punctuate, they rather throw it down as a challenge kind of “There – sort it out if you think you can”. I always believe that even if the inner meaning is hidden in writing, the stroy and the words should be understandable English. Punctuated or not you should know where to breath by the way it is written. Or perhaps I am just old fashioned?



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