Landscape Fragments.

A walk around the Southern valleys of Wales, where the history of mining and the industrial revolution have defined the land and its people for an age. And now where nature is returning to hide the scars.

Entering the spaces.
Entering the spaces.

Landscape Fragments.

Crescent dunes turning grey to green
can't hide the fact they are made from
slag-heaps and the pits of men.

The valleys recover themselves, change
to industry as museum.  Nature always takes back, 
but so slow, so gently from our aggressions.

All except the deep spaces inside the hills, 
the spaces we all have.  The dark recesses, 
tunnels best left to ages and someone’s story.

Recovery.  Blorenge in the background.
Recovery. Blorenge in the background.

I am always amazed at the ability of nature to recover from the vagaries of man. The Earth will win in the end, and we will pass from memory, taking with us all of our grand schemes. A bit maudlin I know, but we bring it on ourselves. I will return with walk notes for the trip of these pictures.

In the meantime, enjoy the trip, one foot in front of the other – repeat till end.


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