I’m Back.

You may not have realised I left, but here I am anyway. Home from holidays and ready to tell tales again. I’m a little sunburnt, with my nose taking the brunt of it after losing my hat on the summit of Mount Teide on the island of Tenerife.

I have tales of daring, mountain exploits and turtle attacks. I have survived cheap airline flights and baggage restrictions. We have enjoyed two weeks of pleasing ourselves and now we return to the real world, the return to work and to what has happened while we were away. We would like to think that without us the world would stop, family and friends would fall apart without our constant support and yet the crushing reality is that everything trots along smoothly without us. This is both disappointing and at the same time reassuring. It means it doesn’t all rest on our shoulders alone. For the moment this short note is to prepare you for holiday mountain snaps, and sea snaps, and of course stories from this inquisitive traveler.

My foot, halfway up a mountain.
My foot, halfway up a mountain.
In the shadow of the mountain.  At Mount Teide refuge.
In the shadow of the mountain. At Mount Teide refuge.

Just a couple of the pictures I’ve taken over the holiday. Going to any new place is always a pleasure, with an abundance of people, places and things to experience. So look out next week for the first of the Tenerife Travelers tales.


11 thoughts on “I’m Back.

  1. I’m glad you’re back! I am also extremely jealous of your 2-week vacation. Tenerife is an amazing island! Food, people, flora, Teide. Did you write a poem to recite on the summit? My friend took the newspaper El Dia up to read the headlines. πŸ™‚


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