200 Posts on Notyethere. The Road at Sunset.

200, another marker reached. A reworking of a NaPoWriMo poem, and as befits Notyethere travel is the subject. We all take for granted the speed at which we can move from place to place, but sometimes I think we should step outside the speeding vehicle for a moment and take time to walk. There are many journeys, and going from one place to another is just a small part of it. Here’s to the next two hundred posts, enjoy the trip with me.

The road at sunset
The road at sunset

The Road at Sunset.

Is the long way home, the way out
disappearance of stretched lines 
that are never joined.  Sunset colours
the end.  Cruise control, the red lights 
of passing cars, speed and changing hues,

just driving.  A journey never to an end.
Watching the sun fall below the horizon, 
a corrupted disc leaving longer shadows.
A future illusion of meeting that never happens
and we realise we were travelling all this time.  

In the end, it is about perspective the vanishing point
	where all roads lead us to the horizon.

9 thoughts on “200 Posts on Notyethere. The Road at Sunset.

  1. Hey there, Jim:

    Accurate and cleanly worked. ‘The way out’ is enigmatic and colours only with the experience of the reader and with conceptions of vanishing point and horizon. ‘A future illusion of meeting,’ is where the possibility of the text becoming analogy to relationship can anchor and then works back to long way home and way out. The way out seems more oriented to the first few steps along one’s vehicular trek, the means to withdraw from all that holds our attention. We end with horizon as precipice, something any of us would like to see over … and into our future. Good schtuff!

    Easily, an Alberta poem … congratz on 200! 😉


    1. You can lose yourself in a journey like this. Just letting the miles take you. I don’t mind the distances, there is always a fascination with the country and the the changes.



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