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Day 29. The Pleasures Of Hope by Thomas Campbell. A book I picked up in Norwich while on holiday, beautifully leather-bound, coloured frontis plates and pictures separating the sections. Anyway, browsing has given me this little piece, about perspective again. One more day to go now, nearly there, then we can all look back and enjoy the achievement.

The Pleasures of Hope  by Thomas Campbell
(a précis of intent.)

Comparing remote, 
imagined beauty
in the scene.

Why look away to the hills, 
distance only lends
enchantment to the view.

Walk a mile towards such a vision.  Arriving,
look back and see where you have been.
Looking with the same eyes. Wondering
why you left such a place for this remote crag.

And yet still she waits,
love can linger on in the deep.