NaPoWriMo Day 27. Slanted Light.

Saturday and the sun is shining, mostly. Hope the weekend is going well and the final run in to NaPoWriMo goes well for every one of you out there. One hundred percent for me so far, can I make it to the end, keep watching for the last few episodes of the drama.

Slanted light.

Sunlight enters the room at such an angle
it lights the dust in the air. This is such a quiet place,
only the faint murmur of life outside.
We sit you and I, close. Absorbing the moment as it unfolds,
unreal around us. I wish I could say I did more,
that is not how it happened, I left. And the next time?

It’s to late to say anything now, the opportunity never arose.
You had a cold place to stand and no-one really who knew what to say.
So you think it will pass, with time, with life going on.
It doesn’t though does it, nobody tells you that either.
All that happens is you see the moment, that collection of moments,
recurring without warning, and still no-one can really talk to you.

All time does for you is lend distance to the image of dust in the air
and the muted sounds of everything carrying on as normal outside.

Go on, tell me something, you know you want to.

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