NaPoWriMo Day 22. Cadence Within the Story.

Day 22. Words and story.

Cadence Within the Story.

The cadence is there to carry some semblance of speed
into the story from here to where you want to finish.
The story will continue afterwards, regardless.

Each picture you add, brings colour to the normally
black and white page.  This will enhance the life
of the story.  Pictures fade with time, choose carefully.

Use colours that leave an image even when they are gone.
Choose paper that doesn't bleed.  That only creases
when you apply pressure with the back of a knife.

Bindings should hold the finest papers in place,
order needs maintenance.  Use blank pages sparingly,
the story cannot cross the divide, it grows uncomfortable.

Do not over-justify the text, shape will allow the story
the space it needs to develop multiple characters.
Each character has a flaw, shown on introduction.

Let the words reach all the way to the end of the story,
allow cadence freedom to run, but do not mistake speed
for vitality.  Let the words pause for breath sometimes. 

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