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The weather happened today, driving with the windows down, a cool breeze and the sun all afternoon as we worked to empty things from the house. Another week already lashing away with itself, maybe time to have another trip out. Take a break from NaPoWriMo and refresh the mind. There are questions about the finish of this poem for me that remain to be cleared up, I’ll leave it as it stands for now and come back later.


Is the climb, the approach,
the view.  The moment you summit,
when no one else is there.

It is the rock, the snow, the summer heat
on a wide plateau.  The sharp drop
and looking over the edge.

The seasons, the silence, 
wind and rain.  Being there,
getting there then looking back.

My mountain is Midnight stars
in the clear cold sky, hot coffee on top
and views to make you silent.

The mountain is time,  space, 
words, vision and a single place
to remind you who you are.